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Construction Screws - Wood & Metal

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Jake Sales Inc. is your online source for quality wood and metal construction screws for your construction project. We have a HUGE inventory of construction screws. In fact, we have 30+ million construction screws in stock and have sold over 80.7 million. Please see all our categories below to choose the type of construction screw you need for your upcoming project.

Wood to Metal Screws

Shop wood to metal screws. These self-drilling construction wood screws are available in several sizes. Additionally, these wood to metal screws have a drill bit which is designed purposefully for whenever wood needs to be fastened to steel or aluminum. Wood to metal screws are quite hardy, being resistant to corrosion and rust. Designed from heat-treated steel, these screws will drill, tap, and secure in one operation.

Interior Wood Screws

Our flat-head yellow interior wood screws can be used for multipurpose. These long, construction wood screws are manufactured from high quality heat-treated steel with a self-countersinking screw head. Experience a reliable interior wood screw design that cuts cleanly and easily through tough materials. These screws are perfect for cabinetry, furniture, roofing, and framing alike.

Exterior Wood Screws

Our exterior, flat-head screws feature a heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant design. These exterior wood screws are manufactured with a triple ceramic coating and high quality heat-treated steel. With our construction wood screws, you get a top-performing screw that easily and cleanly cuts through many tough materials and hard woods. It is a well-designed screws, perfect for furniture, cabinetry, framing, and roofing.

Construction Lag Screws

This is the ultimate screw when it comes to corrosion protection and high quality heat treatment. It is well-suited to chemically-treated materials or for use in harsh weather or high moisture environments. The construction lag screw features deep, wide, and very sharp screw threads, which provide maximum power. The torx/star of these screws deliver TWO times the torque of a Philips or square drive screw.

Stainless Steel Screws

These high quality stainless steel screws provide everything needs for applications with chemically-treated materials, in coastal areas, in harsh weather, or even in high moisture areas. This top-quality screw provides maximum holding power due to its deep, wide, and sharp design.

Large Timber Screws

These large timber screws are heavy duty screws that are perfect for landscaping timbers, log construction, log homes, and fencing alike. In addition, the deep and wide threads provide a maximum holding power and are far superior when compared with spikes. The coating of these screws has been salt-spray tested for over 1,000 hours without any coating failures.

Gutter Screws

Jake Sales is currently offering ceramic coated gutter screws for all your gutter installation purposes. The design of the gutter screw includes such strong heat-treated steel that the screw can be removed AND reused. Providing maximum holding power our gutter screws have treats which both cleanly and easily cut through soft and hard woods.

Exterior Wood Trim

We are currently offering either bronze star trim/small head screws or bronze star trim/small white head screws. Regardless of your choice, you can expect nothing but quality from this screw. Our exterior wood trim screws include a triple ceramic coating, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, and easy installation.

Composite Deck Screws

Our composite deck screws come in the following colors: White, Winchester Grey, Tan, Gray, Cocoa Brown, Dark Brown, and Madeira. The high performance composite decking wood screws are appropriate for decking, fascia, and other composite applications. Cut cleanly and easily through tough materials, including hard woods.

Cabinet Wood Screws

Experience maximum holding power with these cabinet wood screws. Cutting cleanly and easily through tough materials of all types, the deep torx/star drive of the screws helps to reduce "Cam-out." Additionally, these screws have a triple ceramic coating for top-quality exterior protection.

Drywall Screws

Shop Jake Sales for either coarse or fine thread drywall screws. Our coarse thread screws have either phosphate or yellow zinc coating, depending on the needs for your construction project. In addition, we also stock fine thread screws with phosphate coating.

Finish Trim Screws

Our bronze star finish tiny head screws serve as a multipurpose fastener with a clean and easy cut for either soft or hard woods. Additionally, it is a great choice for siding trim, corner trim, and log trim accents alike. Shop all bronze finish trim screws today.

Cement Board Screws

Our cement board screws come with an option for either a drill point or a sharp point. Cement board screws are for connecting backer board, cement board, or tile board to light-gauge steel. The deep, wide, and sharp threads provide superb holding power and no pre-drilling.

Concrete Anchor Screws

These concrete anchor screws are intended for either light to medium use. In addition, they also feature a blue Nano coating for protection against rust and corrosion. Be wary - do not over-torque the screw. This is to prevent stripping the concrete hole.

Pocket Wood Screws

Our pocket wood screws include coarse and fine thread options. Pocket wood screws are also known as modified truss (washer head) lubricated screws, or pocket hole screws. Use our pocket wood screws with the T20 driver bit.

Metal Roofing Screws

Installing a metal roof? You'll need quality metal roofing screws to get the job done! At Jake Sales, we are currently offering many options of colored sheet metal roofing screws. In our metal roofing screws category, we are also providing pancake head roofing screws. With our metal to metal screws, you get the benefits of quick and easy installation, improved holding power, and excellent corrosion resistance, among others.

Torx Bits/Driver Bit Sets

Shop torx bits and driver bits sets. With consistent high ratings, our torx/star driver bits are excellent for fast swaps. Additionally, they resist stripping and "Cam-out". They are well-suited for professional operations and demanding industries. Shop Jake Sales today for torx bits and driver bit sets and get exceptional deals. When you order more, save more!