Summer Deal on Pancake Low Profile Metal to Wood Screw
Ideal for Standing Seam Roofing Applications
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#10 x 1" Low Profile Pancake Head Metal Roofing Screw

✔Ultra-thin flush finish pancake head fastener for Metal to Wood standing seam roofing applications
✔Low profile pancake head fastener with sharp point tip, easily push through pre-drilled metal panels
✔Designed with a low, thin profile to hold standing seam clips in place while laying flush
✔Low Profile, thin pancake head screws lay flush prevents screw head from dimpling panels
✔Screws have a zinc coating to prevent rusting and corrosion

Low Profile Pancake Head Metal Roofing Screw
10 x 1 Ultra Thin Flush Finish Pancake Head Fastener has a .42 diameter screw head with a sharp point tip. Designed to fasten flush and lay flat without dimpling or showing through the panel which can occur with thicker pancake head screws. Fasten metal to wood. This listing is for a 250 count of screws

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Want to save on a 24" drop rod with a 5/8" diameter drop pin? Now is your chance. Not picky about color? Now is the time!! Why pay $42.00 or more for a Black colored pin. Have time to spray paint this drop rod to your preference? We have Hundreds in stock. Buy one for your family and friends. Great deal for the money!!

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WHITE 24" Gate Drop Rod Or Cane Bolt or Drop Pin - Designed for Vinyl and Wood Fence Gates

✔WHITE 24" Vinyl Gate Drop Rod is Powder Coated Steel to Protect From Rust and Corrosion
✔Drop Rods for Securing One of the Double Gates to the Ground so the Other can be Latched to it
✔Heavy Duty 5/8" Diameter Drop Rod (Drop Pin, Cane Bolt) is Strong for Uses With Most Double Gates
✔Drop Rod Has Angled Brackets for Securing to Gate
✔Simple to Install Gate Drop Rod With Easy to Follow Gate Drop Rod Installation Instructions

Drop Rod Installation Instructions Available Here - Follow the Link