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Ring shank nails have annular threads on them that prevent them from being removed as easily as smooth shank nails. When driven, the thread creates a “locking” effect with wood fibers, which gives it greater resistance from withdrawal. They are designed to provide better grip with material that may otherwise be forced apart by nails. Just like using Screw Shank nails incorrectly on softwood can result in wasted material, using a Ring Shank nail on a piece of hardwood material will cause irreparable damage to the material if the nail is removed.

The most common method to make a ring shank nail is to start with smooth round wire that has been drawn down to the nominal diameter of the finished nail. During the manufacturing process, special machinery rolls and compresses the steel to smooth the shank into the nail.

If you’re driving nails into a material where expansion and contraction is an issue, you’ll want ring shank nails. Ring shank nails are great for surfaces exposed to high winds that might pull out a common nail. They’re ideally suited for softer woods that might otherwise split when nailed.

Applications: Siding, Roof Decking, Asphalt Shingles, Underlayment, Subfloors.