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Buy It By The Truckload
Truck Load Discounts

Products Subject to Available Stock- Shipping Times 1 - 5 Days

• Truck Load Discounts: Only Apply to Purchases of Full Boxes and Limited to: Metal Roofing Screws, YTX, BTX, CTX Screws, Limited Quantities of C-Deck Screws and Other Select Items - Qualified Products are Subject To Change

• Quantities from 24 Full Boxes to 48 Full Boxes May be Shipped Shrink Wrapped and Palatalized. May Require Shipping and Handling Beyond Normal Free Shipping Services (**)

• Full Truck Load Quantities (40,000-42,000 lbs) can be Various Products. However Each Pallet Must Contain an Identical Product. All Truck Loads are Subject to Review and Approval

• This Full Truck, Half Pallet and Full Pallet Quantity Discount Offer is Only Valid in the Continental United States - Not Valid in Alaska or Hawaii

• (**) Free Shipping Exceptions: Include Requiring Lift Gate Truck Delivery and Special or Custom Shipping Services Outside Normal USPS, UPS or FedEx Shipping and Handling Abilities. Special Shipping Charges are the Customers Sole Responsibility

If you Have Questions Regarding Shipping and Handling or Pricing, Please Feel Free to Call Our Customer Service Team at 406-752-5253. Our Office Hours are Monday Through Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm Mountain Time. We Welcome Email Inquires