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Composited Decking Screws in #10 x 1-3/4 Inch #10 x 1-3/4" Composite C-Deck Wood Screws

10 x 1-3/4" Composite Decking Screws

#10 x 2-3/4 Inch Composite Decking Screws  in Seven Colors. ACQ Lumber Compatible #10 x 2-3/4" High Performance Composite Decking Wood Screws

#10 x 2-3/4" High Performance Composite Decking Wood Screws


Check Out Our #10 Torx/Star Composite Deck Screws at Affordable Prices

Composite deck screws are an essential component for building and maintaining composite decks. They are specifically designed for use with composite decking materials, which can cause construction challenges due to their durability and density. These screws can also secure railings, fascia boards, and other components that require a strong, reliable fastening solution.

Jake Sales is proud to offer both Torx/Star c-deck composite deck screws and high-performance composite deck screws specifically designed to give excellent performance and durability. These screws have a six-pointed star-shaped head that provides superior grip and reduces the risk of cam-out, which is a common problem with traditional Phillips or flat-head screws.

One of the advantages of Torx/Star composite deck screws is their ability to penetrate dense composite decking materials with ease.

We offer #10 composite deck screws that are 1-¾”, and #10 high-performance composite wood deck screws that are 2-¾”.

One of the advantages of Jake Sales' composite deck screws is their ability to blend in seamlessly with the decking material. We offer a wide range of neutral colors that are designed to match the most popular composite decking brands on the market. This means your deck will not only be structurally sound, but it will also look great with no visible screws or fasteners.

Our high-performance composite deck screws are specifically designed to provide superior holding power, which is essential for ensuring the safety and stability of your deck. These screws are made from high-quality materials and feature an innovative design to penetrate the densest composite decking materials without splitting or cracking.

If you want to build a beautiful, durable composite deck that stands the test of time, you need high-quality composite deck screws from Jake Sales. Our screws are designed to provide excellent performance and durability, and they come in a range of neutral colors to ensure a seamless, professional-looking installation.

Trust Jake Sales to provide the screws you need to build the deck of your dreams!