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Flat Back Wall Mount Gate Hinge Flat Back Wall/Post Mount Gate Hinge - Qty Each

Wall Mount Flat Back Chain Link Fence
Gate Hinge - 5/8" Pin

Our Price: $11.85
Chain Link Fence Male Strap Hinge, Post Hinge with hinge bolt Chain Link Fence Post Male Hinge w/Bolt - Qty Each

Chain Link Fence Gate Post Male Hinge
1-3/8" TO 2-7/8"

Chain Link Fence Female Strap Hinge, Frame Hinge Chain Link Fence Gate Frame Hinge - Qty Each

Chain Link Fence Gate Frame Hinge
1-3/8", 1-5/8" and 1-7/8"

Lag Screw Style Chain Link Gate Hinge, lag bolt hinge Lag Screw Chain Link Gate Post Hinges 4-1/2' and 6" - Qty Each

Chain Link Gate Wood Post Lag Screw Hinge
5/8" Pin - From 4-1/2" to 6"

J-Bolt Threaded Bolt Style Gate Hinge 6" to 12" - Qty Each J-Bolt Threaded Bolt Style Gate Hinge 6" to 12" - Qty Each

J-Bolt Threaded Bolt Style Gate Hinge
5/8" Pin - From 6" to 12"

chain link dog kennel hinge, chain link dog run kennel hinge Chain Link Kennel Gate Insert Style Gate Hinge

Chain Link Kennel Insert Gate Hinge
Inserts in Bottom and Top of 1-3/8 inch Gate Frame Pipe

Our Price: $11.85
Chain link fence 90 degree bulldog gate hinge Chain Link Gate Heavy Duty Commercial Bull Dog Gate Hinge

Commercial Chain Link Gate Bull Dog Hinge
Post Diameter From 2-3/8" To 6-5/8"

180 Degree Hinge for Chain Link Fence Walk Gate 180 Degree Gate Hinge Assembly for Chain Link Fence Gates 2-3/8" to 6-5/8"

Heavy Duty 180 Degree Gate Hinge
For chain link fence post sizes 2-3/8" to 6-5/8"

Chain Link Gate Spring Closer Aluminum Chain Link Gate Closer

Spring Type Chain Link Fence Automatic Gate Closer
1-3/8" x 2 or 1-3/8" x 2-1/2" Applications

Chain Link Gate Spring Closer Chain Link Gate Spring Closer

Chain Link Fence Gate Spring Closer

List Price: $45.95
Our Price: $33.85
Savings: $12.10


Gauging the size and strength of a chain link gate hinge can be a difficult task since you have to consider both the weight of the gate door and its width. Both of these aspects affect the door’s center of gravity. The good news, though, is that the gate hinge is generally the hardest part.


The most important consideration when hanging a gate, barn, or carriage house door is the weight, the width and what it is going to attach to. As the door gets heavier and/or wider, the chain link hinges need to be more substantial. Hinges for doors of this type often carry quite a load. A basic guideline for buying a chain link gate hinge would be a gate door that is 5 feet high, 3 feet wide and 55 pounds would be considered an average size door. If the gate door is sagging or doesn’t swing open easily, chances are they don’t have big enough hinges.


One piece of chain link gate hardware to consider, particularly for a wide gate, is a gate wheel. The gate wheel fits under the unhinged end of the gate, helping to support it. A gate wheel may help your gate hinges last longer by imposing less stress on them. Besides making sure your gate door swings open well, chances are you’d like to make sure it stays shut, too. Gate latches can help keep your gate door in place. The choice of hardware is usually driven by the finish and style you’ve chosen for your hinge; no weight or width considerations here. The most common material for all types of gate hardware is steel plated with zinc chromate to help it resist corrosion. You may choose a finish, like wrought iron, or decide to paint your gate hinge and gate latch.